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Today we are very proud to present to you our new I am Thai / FIT Options . These dishes are made for people who are health conscious, watching their weight or preparing for body building competition.

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Fit Option One

Our NEW I Am Thai / FIT Dishes
(a la carte dish - order when you feel like it)

Looking for something healthy? Trying to lose a few inches? Getting ready for your special day? We are proud to introduce our new healthy range to help you achieve your goal.

All of our FIT dishes are prepared with the goodness of coconut oil, low calorie natural sweetener Stevia and reduced salt soy sauce.

Fat Burner $15.9

Stir fried with fresh hot chilli, mixed vegetables & fresh Thai basil and of course packed full with lean chicken breast or lean beef.

Turn your body into a fat burning furnace. Fresh hot chilli combined with the goodness of Thai basil will surely rev up your metabolism.

Hormone Balance $15.9

Stir fried with fresh ginger & mixed vegetables and of course packed full with lean chicken breast or lean beef.

A natural way to balance your hormone - ginger is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for many generations as an herbal medicine to help with hormonal imbalance.

Immunity Booster $15.9

Stir fried with garlic, cracked pepper& mixed vegetables and of course packed full with lean chicken breast or lean beef.

Garlic is an ancient medicine that will fuel your immune system, make you healthier and help your body fight infections. Even Roman soldiers used to gobble down chunks of garlic before battle.

*Note* Brown rice is also available only for $2


Fit Option Two

I Am Thai Weekly Meal Plan
(pre-ordered weekly meal - pick up once a week on monday night)

To achieve your dream body, 80% comes from having good, clean and nutritious food so don’t let your hard work in the gym go to waste by eating bad food. Forget spending hours of your valuable training time cooking up your weekly clean meals, let I am Thai be your clean kitchen and do all the hard work for you.

We offer a well balance, portion controlled clean meal suitable for someone who is serious about transforming his/her body or preparing for a bodybuilding competition. Many of our regular I am Thai weekly meal planners are bodybuilders, personal trainers, AFL football players and Crossfit athletes.

We try to cook it as clean as possible by using a small amount of coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, Stevia instead of sugar and very light soy sauce. Of course with a bit of Thai favour to make it more pleasant than traditional prep meals.

Each box serving consists of 100g of meat and 100g of carbs. Every box comes with steamed vegetables.

Meat Options:  Chicken breast, Lean beef and White fish.

Carb Options:  Brown rice, Sweet potato or just Vegetables.

Weekly Meal Plan Prices:

It is up to you how many meals to have each week, everyone has different requirements. You can order as many as or as little as you want. Generally if you have 2 boxes a day for 5 days on weekday that’ll be 10 boxes and you don’t have to worry about your meal prep for your working days.

1-9 Boxes $8.90 each
10+ Boxes $8.50 each

How To Order Weekly Meal Plan:

Please choose your meal plan and place your order before Thursday night each week, to be picked up the following Monday from I Am Thai Takeaway at Shop 3 200 Richmond Rd Marleston from 5pm to 8.30pm.

Order Methods:

Choose your meal plan and SMS your order to Ben 0433 973 387

Choose your meal plan and Inbox us via  

Choose your meal plan and Email us at

Client Testimonials:

Duncan Rankine - Personal Trainer/Bodybuilder
(Former Mr. Australia)

"I am Thai Fit" offers a one stop shop to help lose weight and gain muscle! Diet/Nutrition is the centre piece when it comes to health and fitness and 'I am Thai Fit' ensures quality nutrition at an affordable price! I recommend 'I am Thai Fit' to all my clients and family! They offer a perfect balance of Protein, Carbs and Fat while tasting great! Fern and his team are so friendly and I look forward to each meal which is nice for a change! Thank you for all your support throughout my competitions in 2013-2014 preparation and I look forward to my 2015 comp season!!

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